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In 2023, we are proud to present digital-first publications of our ongoing features:

SOUTHERN GOTHIC is an original comics series co-created by Ezequiel Rubio and Ben Bolling. It’s a noir supernatural thriller under the guise of a road trip through 20th century American literature. In 1955, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover coerces writers Truman Capote, Carson McCullers, and Tennessee Williams to investigate whether a copycat killer is reenacting some of American literature’s most ruthless murders or if the world of popular fiction is bleeding into reality. 

Southern Gothic co-created by Ben Bolling and Ezequiel Rubio. “The Gossips” Cover Art by Ezequiel Rubio.

THE OMNIVERSE is my own little postage stamp of native soil, an unfolding concept universe, where I will build a cosmos to share with you in real time. This ongoing feature will include short fiction, comics, maps, illustrations, and all sorts of stories. Expect Appalachian futurism, superheroes, ghost stories, cosmic horror, and the occasional recipe.

The Revelation of New Cawkaigne by Douglas Murakami

Join Luis Valero-Suarez and Ben Bolling for a tour of the Omniverse through this series of digital trading cards. We aim to capture the magic of collectable comics cards while bringing you astonishing stories from across the Omniverse!

As we announce other features throughout 2023, check back here in the “about section” for more details. Also, if you have questions, leave them in the comments below! 

Is Print Dead?

No way! All of the projects above will make their way into print over the next few years, but your paid subscription to the New Futurists will give you full access to see how the sausage gets made. Maybe that metaphor seems a bit extreme, but let me tell you: watching anything go from idea to a mass produced project is a wondrous, messy procedure. I’m really excited about the prospect of bringing an engaged audience into that process. So, if you’re interested in following the  full development of these projects and supporting the artists who make them possible, consider a paid subscription.

The New Futurists. Cool name, bro. What’s it mean? 

Great question! I addressed our studio’s name in a post from 2022: A New Futurist Manifesto. Suffice it to say, there were some old futurists. They had some interesting ideas and also some very, very bad ones. They’re dead. So it’s high time for some New Futurists.

The New Futurists
A New Futurist Manifesto
Shortly after the launch of The New Futurists, I received an email from a colleague asking, “What is a new futurist? Did something happen to the old Futurists?” “Why yes,” I replied somewhat tongue-in-cheek, “They died. Good riddance…
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